According to the Portland Press Herald and a news release from the American Red Cross, those giving blood donations through the Red Cross this summer will also be tested for Coronavirus antibodies.

If you test positive for the antibody it only means that you were infected with the virus at some point, not that you are currently infected. If you show no symptoms but you test positive for the antibodies, you should still take steps to protect yourself from getting it again. It's uncertain whether the antibodies will protect you from reinfection at this time, research continues.

You can make an appointment to donate blood through The need for blood has shot up as hospitals have started resuming elective surgeries. Blood donations are way down due to so many blood drives being cancelled and some regular donors have been quarantining. If you are feeling healthy and symptom free, donating blood could help save a life. The Red Cross has to collect 13,000 blood donations every day to keep up with the needs of hospitals.

According to the article, when you do go to donate please wear a mask, your temperature will be taken and all Red Cross workers will be using best practices to assure your safety as well as theirs. Your blood will then be tested for infectious diseases at a lab and you will have test results within 7 to 10 days. You can not opt out of the testing option. Your results will be available through the Red Cross portal and donor app.

The Red Cross can use the plasma from the positive blood to help treat current Coronavirus patients.


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