The Propane Gas Association of New England is reminding us to be safe while grilling this summer. We busted out the Bubba Burgers the other night for our first grill of the summer with some Florida corn on the cob. It was a summertime feast!

Grilling is incredibly delicious and super easy when I don't feel like cooking. The kitchen stays cool and there's less kitchen clean up, but we need to be safe.

Here are some safety tips from the Gas Association of New England:

  • Designate the grill are as a "No Play Zone" and keep kids away.
  • Propane tanks should never be stored indoors or in any enclosed are like a shed, garage or basement.
  • To check for leaks in the hose at the beginning of every season, or if something seems sketchy and you think that you smell gas, rub the hose with soapy water. If bubbles form, you have a leak. Do this whenever you replace the tank.
  • Keep your grill in a safe area away from trees, outdoor furniture, your house and anything else that's flammable.
  • Read the manufacturer's instructions and follow them!
  • Keep the lid open when you light the grill.
  • Never leave a lit grill unattended. You might burn more than your burgers.

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