It was so great to drive through the Old Port this week and see people out and about...with masks on of course! You need to come downtown and see how they have blocked off Exchange Street and others to make room for outside dining and drinking. I say we KEEP it this way all year. Heck, in Europe, they put out the outdoor heaters and give everyone blankets and you can dine outside all the time. Outside of January and February...and maybe most of March....we could do that HERE!

Anyhoo, so great to see people out and restaurants open, including one of our faves, the Porthole. The Porthole opened this month with proper table spacing and is now starting up their live music on the deck. There is nothing better than hanging out on a summer afternoon or night, looking out over Casco Bay, and enjoying live music at the Porthole. This summer will be even MORE meaningful to safely be out and about. Thank you, Porthole!

Here's the upcoming live music schedule for the Porthole:

July 1-Andi Fawcett

July 2nd-Quiet Riot Act (a Porthole fave)

July 3-Slygo Road

July 4-Brazen Cane


Here's a shot from last summer. We won't be able to quite pack it in like last year, but it will be great to outside with this view. No better place to social distance!





And hey, if you can't make it out this weekend, we have a great virtual show for you from our friends at the State Theatre with the Mallet Brothers. You can watch it here at 8 pm on Friday.



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