Spend enough time in Maine and you'll know exactly what season we're currently living in. Sure, people will tell you this is Spring, but the reality is that this is pothole season in Maine and you and your car best be paying attention. Some of the potholes along streets, driveways and parking lots can really sneak up on you too. Which brings us to the curious case of a pothole gone wrong in a Lewiston parking lot.

This hole in the parking lot by the falls in Lewiston feels like it might become a problem. Not sure who to contact though. from r/Maine

Shared on Reddit by PolymerPussies, what may look like a large pothole at first glance is actually a legit sinkhole in the parking lot of Veteran's Memorial Park. The sinkhole itself is rather fascinating as its filled with old bricks. A commenter on the post mentioned that the parking lot was constructed over what used to be Webber textile mill. It's likely that years of underground created a crevice that eventually turned into the sinkhole seen in the video. Intriguing and dangerous at the same time.

The individual who shot the short video has already contacted Lewiston Public Works about fixing the hole so if you were hoping that this might be your chance to visit Narnia or portal back in time, you've likely missed your chance. As for pothole season in Maine, this video is a reminder that not all potholes are created equal and be as careful as possible when driving AND walking. You don't want to end up 10 feet below asphalt because you were walking and texting.

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