According to News Center Maine, this Halloween was even scarier for a couple of trick-or-treaters. One reportedly found a bag of pot in her bag, and another person was stuck by a needle inside a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

In Auburn, a 13-year-old girl went trick-or-treating without a parent for the first time. The next day her mom's fiance, Steve Gagne, was going through her bag of candy and found a bag of pot, according to the news station. Every year the parents look for anything homemade or unwrapped, and this year they found a plastic bag with a small amount of marijuana, News Center Maine reported.

They took the bag to the Auburn Police Department where cops confirmed the contents, according to the news station. They are asking for anyone with information to contact them.

Meanwhile, a Newport, Maine parent was stabbed by a needle that had been pushed into a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup when she reached into a trick or treat bag, according to News Center Maine..

Ever found something that didn't belong in your bag, or your kids'?

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