The weirdest thing happened to me on Halloween night. I ran out of candy at 7p and ran to my Shaw's at Millcreek- where the shelves had been stripped of Halloween candy and replaced with Christmas candy!

Those are candy canes down there!!!

candy canes

They even had Christmas lawn decorations! These will look so cute on our farmer's porch, but I need to focus. My mission is candy and every minute that I spend in this aisle is another opportunity for some punk to egg my house because the candy bowl is empty. I need to pull myself together...

Christmas decorations

When they roll out a disturbingly alluring M&M lady in a Santa hat, I start my Christmas panic. Am I the only one with eyelash envy? She is so extra, her eyebrows are Kardashian-like. She's tempting who with the mistletoe? My feelings are confusing...I should eat those feelings...mmm... M&Ms...Wait! I see what they are doing here!

Holiday M&Ms


When I say that the shelves were devoid of Halloween candy and all the shwag that goes with it, I'm not kidding!

I found an end display with some of the least yummy Halloween candies. I'll let someone else buy them for 50% off this weekend.

empty shelves

I ended up with a mixed bag of Christmas themed mini candy bars that included a couple of my favorites, Snickers and Twix.

I get the minis because they are the easiest for me to sneak. If you are giving out full size candy bars then you are: not eating them yourself, you are a man or you are a honey-badger. Me and my girlfriends will not be caught eating a full size candy bar. The little ones don't count though.


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