Pender Makin is Maine's Commissioner of Education. We wanted to share this video  to make sure you are aware of how very fortunate students and educators in our state are to have her as a leader.

We are all looking for leaders that we can put our trust in during this uncertain time. Mr. Rogers once told us that his mother reminded him when things are troublesome, to "look for the helpers." That is wisdom I am using everyday now.

Pender Makin has always been a helper. I have been honored to know her personally for over a decade now and she has been a rock for my family on many occasions. For that, we will be eternally grateful.

If you know Pender too, you know she is exactly the kind of person we need to hear from right now. We need to hear from super smart people who navigate the world with unconditional love. That's Pender Makin.

Yesterday she posted a video message to Maine's teachers and school staff members in response to the disruption of education due to the pandemic.

Her reassuring tone and reminder to

"Breathe. Be gentle with yourselves. Recognize that fear and anxiety and facing the unknown make it hard for people to be at their best."

is something to be shared amongst everyone.

"Commissioner of Education Pender Makin has created a video message for the administrators, educators and support staff who have been working tirelessly to provide for their students in an predictable time.  You are heroes, and on behalf of all your partners at the Department of Education, thank you."


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