It's a Van Halen Weekend on WBLM. We thought it might be a good time to look back at all the shows Van Halen has played here in Maine.The Noise Boys have been pretty good to us over the years, with a total of 10 shows in 4 different venues. This list should bring back some memories for you.

10) July 30, 2015 Darling's Waterfront Pavilion-Bangor:

This one is still fresh in our minds!


9) August 6, 1995 SeaPAC-Old Orchard Beach

Last time Sammy was here with VH. Will we ever see EVH and The Red Rocker together again? The WBLM backstage broadcast before the show featured a live on-air fight between Eddie and Alex. The Captain officiated.

Getty Images


8) October 8, 1991 Cumberland County Civic Center-Portland

For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge Tour....amazing night!


7) June 25, 1998 Monsters of Rock-Oxford Plains Speedway

Great idea, let's put tens of thousands of people in Oxford, in a thunderstorm, with Van Halen. WOW. Here we all are backstage that night. The Guru, Brian James deserves a gold medal for MC'ing that night and keeping everyone cool, calm and collected.


6) August 25, 1986-Cumberland County Civic Center-Portland

5) August 24, 1986-CCCC-Portland

Check out this setlist. Kinks and Zep covers.Two sold out nights!

4) July 26, 1981-CCCC-Portland

Fair Warning Tour. Height of their Powers:

3) May 16, 1981-CCCC-Portland

First of two shows on this Fair Warning Tour.

2) August 10, 1979-CCCC-Portand


1) September 8, 1978-CCCC-Portland

Van Halen's first show in Maine on their first world tour. They actually were the opening act that night for Black Sabbath. The opening slot did not last very long, as VH was jettisoned because they were blowing away Ozzy and Co. every night!

The video is crappy, and there's no record of a set list from that night. but you get the idea: