At one point we were told that wearing masks were pointless. Then we were told that we should always be wearing masks when we leave the house. Still, no one has mentioned inflatable costumes.

This pandemic has brought about some confusing times.

As well as a lot of creativity.

In recent weeks Maine businesses have shifted to limiting the number of people allowed in stores at one time and many stores have taken measures to makes sure patrons stay six feet apart at all times.

One woman decided to take matters into her own hands and look so bizarre no one would likely want to get close to her anyway. Plus, that tail likely kept people away as well.

Spotted at Hannaford in Gardiner Kaiti Mathias Littlefield decided that in addition to a mask she would don an inflatable alligator costume.

As she says in her post, if we don't laugh, we'll cry, right? I say embrace the weird. In fact, seeing more costumed people at the store would certainly make my shopping experience better. Heck, even after the pandemic!

Thanks for the laugh and stay safe!

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