WARNING: If you are afraid of heights this video may freak you out!

When I watched this video, I had to shut it off half way through. Why? Because I am scared to death of heights. It's really strange because when I was growing up it was a come and go fear. As I have gotten older, oh it is legit and here forever. I just have this overwhelming fear of falling go thru my head when I am on a steep mountain road. And, roller coasters? Forget it! Last time I tried to go on a ride was at Funtown Splashtown about 7 years ago. After looking up at Dragon's Descent I thought to myself 'well, that's not that high." Clearly I was mistaken. The moment the ride jerked me up to the top I began cussing like a sailor and in full blown panic mode. When I got off the ride, I was shaking and crying. So, that was the last time I went on a ride at a park. Well, besides the Antique Cars!

This video is absolutely beautiful. It is Ariel footage from a drone above parts of Mt. Washington. If you can watch it all the way through, then good for you! I will just be over here 'chickening' out!


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