Mt Washington

Your Time-Lapse Moment of Zen From The Top of Mt Washington
From the top of Mt Washington where we house two of our radio towers (WHOM and The Peak), we bring you one of the coolest shots of the summer. This photo has everything...the Big Dipper, shooting stars, satellites, night hikers, temperature inversion (sounds scary), and airplanes. Wow.
The NEOWISE Comet From the Top of Mt Washington is Amazing
Have you heard of the newly discovered comet that’s visible to us through July? It’s called NEOWISE or “Neo” for short. The name comes from the NEOWISE satellite that discovered it. It's a rare comet from way deep in our solar system. Our friends way up high at the …
Extreme Winter Adventures-Snowcat to the Top of Mt. Washington
Winter is bearing down on us in Maine and New Hampshire and the best way to get through it is by leaning right into it! This is the time for outdoor fun and adventure and the folks at the Mt Washington Observatory have the ultimate winter adventure for you. A snowcat trip to the top of the place tha…
Who Built A Snowman in July? We Want Names.
OK, who in the hell built a frickin' SNOWMAN in the middle of July? Who is it? We want names. Right now! say it's a bunch of guys called CIRRUS CONTENDERS? What, are they some kind of weird weather-type gang or something?

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