Mt Washington

Here’s the One Place In Maine and New Hampshire You Don’t Want to Be This Week
It certainly feels like winter in New England recently. After a pretty warm start to January- a top 10 warmest-ever January in fact-we are back in the bitter cold, with (finally) some snow in the forecast. Now, we all live here in New England because we think of winter as a great adventure, right? Well, if you really want a winter adventure, then venture up 6288 feet to the top of Mt. Washington where you will find the "worst weather on Earth." Check out the video posted this week from the great folks up at the Mt Washington Observatory.
What's the Fastest Someone Has Climbed Mt Washington?
Mt Washinton, New Hampshire. 6,288 feet high. One a clear day you can see as far as 130 miles to Maine, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Quebec, and the Atlantic Ocean. The Auto Road up to the top is a scary, but wicked fun and beautiful trip. Of course, if it's a mountain, then people have to see how quickly they can walk, run, bike, and drive up to the summit. Here are the records for getting to the top according to the fine folks at the Mt Washington Auto Road
Here We Go-Mt Washington Gets The First Ice of the Season
Wow- that cold front blew through Northern New England last night really cooled everything off. It's starting to feel like Fall and you may have seen a red leaf or two recently. And that's great! Perfect weather if you ask me. I don't know the next time we will see 88 degrees. Looks like daytime temps in the 70's and nice cool nights in the '50s...or '40s...or even in some places, like Mt Washington, BELOW FREEZING. Let's call it the first "ice" of the season. Pretty crazy that the mountain only has one month of the year with no ice!
Watch Mount Washington Wind Speeds In Real Time
We hope everyone got through the Tropical Storm unscathed yesterday. We saw 30 to 50 mile per hour gusts in most parts of Maine and New Hampshire. The big winner though was the top of Mt Washington, where they set a new August wind speed record of 147 miles per hour!
Your Time-Lapse Moment of Zen From The Top of Mt Washington
From the top of Mt Washington where we house two of our radio towers (WHOM and The Peak), we bring you one of the coolest shots of the summer. This photo has everything...the Big Dipper, shooting stars, satellites, night hikers, temperature inversion (sounds scary), and airplanes. Wow.
The NEOWISE Comet From the Top of Mt Washington is Amazing
Have you heard of the newly discovered comet that’s visible to us through July? It’s called NEOWISE or “Neo” for short. The name comes from the NEOWISE satellite that discovered it. It's a rare comet from way deep in our solar system. Our friends way up high at the Mt Washington Observatory caught this amazing photo of the comet this week and we had to share it with you The top of Mt Washington (6288 feet high) is famously known as "Home of the World's Worst Weather." We have two of our radio towers up there (WHOM and The Peak) so we know a thing or two about heading up there in a snowcat in the middle of the winter, and it's not pretty. However, in the summer, on a calm day, it's one of the most beautiful places on the planet.
An Amazing Photo of 4 Planets and the Milky Way From the Top of Mt Washington
Well, this is an amazing photo from the great folks at the Mt Washington Observatory. The top of Mt Washington (6288 feet high) is famously known as "Home of the World's Worst Weather" but on a calm day, it is home to some of the most beautiful views on the planet. Today the Observatory posted this incredible picture of 4 planets, the moon and the Milky Way all lined up. The photo gave us a minute to pause and give some big-picture perspective on all that we are going through right now. I came away hopeful- that humans have gone through so much over thousands of years, and that we will get through this pandemic as well. You don't have to be an astronomer to enjoy and be blown away from this photo
Extreme New England Winter Adventures-Snowcat to the Top of Mt. Washington
Winter is bearing down on us in Maine and New Hampshire and the best way to get through it is by leaning right into it! This is the time for outdoor fun and adventure and the folks at the Mt Washington Observatory have the ultimate winter adventure for you. A snowcat trip to the top of the place that has 'the worst weather in the world." Yup, around here that's a badge of courage. And a challenge!

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