I wish I could insert the popular "shaking my head" emoji to describe my frustration on this subject. Just picture me doing it, okay?

First off, let me assure you that I am not a poop-officer or anything like that, just a concerned Mainer who doesn't enjoy watching you let your pup pop a squat, release their duty, and then walk on by.

Walking your dog is amazing but not taking care of the aftermath.... dumb.

Let's get into it. I was sitting on my porch yesterday, enjoying the fact that my porch is finally finished and looking fine as hell, taking a sigh of relief with my wine and inhaling all the good feels of nature.. AND THEN...

I see a person walking their dog and the dog takes position and does the royal squat, releasing his steamy peanut butter jar all over the sidewalk. This wasn't a little poop either it was dookie castle.

This also wasn't a neighbor of mine, they know better.

As I sat there, having a riveting conversation with my cat, Charlie Benedict Cumberbatch, we both noticed the owner bend down to pet the dog and then walked on. He completely disregarded the steaming pile of dog crap on the road.

I'm pretty sure that dogs huge landmine were not a part of my neighbors flower garden.

First of all, let me assure you that I'm not a poop police officer or anything like that. I don't take pleasure in pointing this out but I don't want anyone walking down the road to have to play a not-so-fun game of "Avoid the Poo". Even though my duck and dodging skills are wicked impressive. It's all unnecessary.

Dear Pet-Owner,

What are you thinking bub? That no one would notice?

It takes two seconds to grab the blue plastic bag that I saw, take it out of your back pocket, flip it inside out, and proceed to grab and dispose of that poo properly.



If you are an pet-owner and don't pick up after your dog relieves themselves, SHAME ON YOU!

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