The Pets of Maine-Part 1
We have received so many photos of Mainers' pets in our Lucky Pet contest We just had to show you some of the entries. We hope it prompts YOU to submit a picture of your pet. You could win $500 in pet supplies, so why not? Good luck!
Here are just a few of the furry friends you all have sent in.…
Taking This CPR Course Could Save A Pet’s Life
I have never thought much about the idea of pet CPR. You know you go the vet, your lovely pets get their checkup and shots and such, and that's just about it. Well thanks to the Portland Police Department and the Maine POM Project, you can now get some basic skills on pet CPR.
Instagram Battle! Quimby The Puppy VS The Captain
If the Captain seems a little more sleep deprived as usual is because he just got a puppy! Her name is Quimby and she is 8 weeks old. Because of the two teenage daughters in Captain household, the puppy already has an Instagram account (of course) so she can share her fabulous puppy adventures. And…
Mainers Are Pet Crazy! Do Your Pets Get Along? [PICS]
This is Shayla in her new orthopedic bed, her cat Stanley has moved in with her. Stanley showed up at our door a couple of years ago during brutally cold temperatures and decided that we are his family. He withstood the humiliation of being sniffed and pushed by our two dogs for the first hour of hi…
A Snow Dog’s First Snowfall [Video]
My Siberian Husky, whose name is Caesar, was born and raised in Florida. Until we moved here, I would often find him on my patio sunbathing.
Many of my friends told me Caesar would love the snow... that he was genetically made for it, so I didn't worry about moving him from a humid climate …

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