Dear Portland,


You know I love you right? I mean, when I'm not near you I miss you. I've spent the majority of my life in Maine right in the heart of you! But you are missing the mark on something that seems like an easy fix. So, consider this me telling you that you have spinach in your teeth. I like you SO much, I don't want you to go around with spinach in your teeth.

I know you've had a rough year and honestly, I thought you handled it really well. You look great and I know that you'll be better for it. I also know that you are doing a lot of work to imporve yourself. Every street seems to have some type of construction going on. Oh sure, it's a bit of a pain to maneuver it all, but I understand.

Except for one tiny little criticism. I can't get anywhere! You have so many things going on and so many changes and very FEW signs about those changes. For instance. For a million years (may not be accurate) the intersection at Preble street and Marginal Way has been 2 lanes that can turn left, one that can turn right or go straight up Preble towards Congress Street. But Portland - you changed that. Without a sign or warning.


When I found myself in the lane, that I have taken a left on, for the last one million years, (again, not sure on accuracy) I couldn't go left! But I had to go left - not straight! So I asked the nice car to my left if I could cut in front of them. They were VERY sweet and let me turn left in front of them. I 100% threw you under the bus Portland, and blamed the fact that you had pulled the rug out from under me and did not warn me.

Again, I'm grateful that you are trying to improve yourself - I'm just saying that you may want to invest in a couple more signs.



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