You know what they say: the first time someone dumps a bag of produce on the ground, it’s an accident.

The second time someone drops a bag of produce on the ground, it’s a coincidence.

The third time someone drops a bag of produce on the ground…it’s creepy.

And as in the seemingly harmless beginning of a Stephen King tale, it’s happening in a small town in Maine. Bath, to be precise, where residents keep finding tomatoes and onions scattered across a cemetery.

Bath’s Parks and Recreation Department posted a photo of this eerie reoccurrence on its Facebook page.

Bath Parks & Recreation via Facebook
Bath Parks & Recreation via Facebook

With it, officials included this damning message:

“Someone continues to dump mostly tomatoes and onions in the Cemetery and other places around the City..... Please stop immediately and by the way you are .2 miles from the free Garbage to Gardens composting buckets at Public Works. If you know who is doing this please message us. Thanks”

“Someone.” Or…something?

Whomever (or whatever) it is, it’s no longer funny, at least according to residents who responded to the post, who say they've found the vicious veggies (or are tomatoes a fruit?) on their own property.

Some suggested the town put up a camera. Meanwhile, others asked why the town hasn’t already put up a camera. Probably because the produce perp would lather the lens in ranch dressing.

Others keep speculating about the source. One Mainer suggested it could be a restaurant disposing of vegetables gone bad, while some remain firm in their belief it’s a prank gone…rotten.

But some kind souls are trying to remain optimistic, reasoning that perhaps someone thinks they are feeding the wildlife, though I can’t recall any deer-lovers in my neighborhood putting up a tomato-lick.

It’s just the latest in a trend of odd dumpings, like one in Dover, New Hampshire, where someone left an even more peculiar pile in an empty field.

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