Don't you think that after all you and your family have been through in the past year, that you deserve a nice vacation? Well, you DO, but this home for rent in Scarborough may be just a little too nice. And expensive. Even if we all pool together our stimulus checks, I don't think we will be able to afford the $79,000 it would take to rent this beauty for a MONTH. Yup, 79k a month for July and August this year.

From the Zillow listing:

7 BR, 4.5 BA home offers plenty of privacy on 5.5 acres and is receiving a huge 16' x 38' in-ground heated pool this spring (2021). Attached 1 BR, 1 BA apt. included in the bed/bath count but available at an additional fee. The home is perfect for family reunions, Bachelor & Bachelorette weekends, birthday parties, wedding & baby showers, corporate retreats, rehearsal dinners and so much more. It's large enough for large groups yet so cozy at the same time that most of my leases have been to small families of 4-6 people


Rent This Beautiful Maine Home

Here's a beautiful place you can rent in Scarborough this summer. IF you have the $79,000 a month!

If you can't afford the $79,000 for the month in July or August, you could always try September, which is only $68,000 a month. If you hustle you could have it next month for a paltry $39,000.




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