The other day I was taking my cat for a walk. Yeah, I take Charlie Benedict Cumberbatch for walks outside and I was randomly struck with this thought: Are there more men or women in Maine?

I couldn't pinpoint the exact reason for this thought's sudden appearance, but that normally makes sense for me so I felt compelled to find out.

So, who run the world?

Girls. They also run Maine because according to States101, there are more females then males here. This tickles me.

In all, Maine has 1,330,089 people, 678,818 are females and 651,271 males.

So if you do the math, there are 27,547 more females than males. Want to know what the ratio is of our genders? for every 96 men there are 100 women.

It's worth noting and celebrating that there are more women than men in Maine.

I wanted to take a closer look at my area and found that in Androscoggin County, there are 54,657 ladies and 52,783 men. The gap isn't huge but it's there!

So, in the state of Maine, woman outnumber men. Another question is which state has the highest male to female ratio? Alaska is coming in at number one, followed by North Dakota, according to Statista.

Now, what is the fastest growing age group in Maine? The baby boom generation holds the highest portion of Maine's population of 27%, according to Maine government report.

It's interesting to find out our gender population and who rules the roost. It's even more interesting when you find out that women do, in fact, rule the world. Smiley face.

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