If you cringed when you saw the above picture of a food worker with his finger in his mouth then we can be friends.

This morning our fellow employee, Michelle, came into the studio to give us some paperwork. Before handing me a piece of paper, Michelle licked her finger. YUCK!!! This is my pet peeve, people licking their fingers and covering whatever they are giving me with their germy, gross saliva! Expect a lot of exclamation marks in this blog because I can't express strongly enough my disgust over what has become a subconcious habit for so many people!

The flu is taking folks down left and right and still people are handling money and licking their fingers. Don't give me wet money! Do you know where that bill has been?! And to the lady at the grocery store, DON'T lick your fingers to open the handle of my plastic bag! Use a sponge to dampen your fingertips if you really can't tackle opening the bag to carry my food, but don't put your spit on my bag!

Captain accused me of being a germaphobe, I am not. I am just a sensible person interested in staying healthy.

Captain and I will be taking a quiz tomorrow during the WBLM Morning Show to determine whether or not we are germaphobes. Go ahead and take the quiz here.

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