I wish I had known Janet Morse, I know we would have been fast friends.


I did not know Janet. She passed away in late May of this year. She spent her career teaching special education and touching the many lives of those she taught and worked with in the Auburn School system. Those who knew Janet all say the same thing - she was a joy.

Her family misses her immensely as she was their glue, In her obituary at Albert & Burpee Funeral Home in Lewiston, her family says that 'she approached life with brilliant joy and a raucous sense of humor and took every opportunity to make an inappropriate joke or comment to make others smile.'

She left this world proving that wicked funny sense of humor. This is part of her obituary.



Albert & Burpee


Slow clap to that Janet. Friggin' hysterical.

Unfamiliar with the Auburn, Maine Walmart Pole? How is that even possible, as it has taken out more cars than the Indy 500? Here's one such example of the evil pole at its worse. They've even tried changing the color of it from yellow to green. Like that's going to stop it from destroying cars.

Christopher Norris

It is very obvious that Janet touched the lives of many who were lucky enough to know her. But now, even in her passing, she is making strangers smile just as much. Here's to you Janet - may that Auburn Walmart pole be removed!

Cars Can't Stop Crashing Into One Yellow Pole at the Auburn, Maine, Walmart

There's a yellow pole in the Auburn, Maine Walmart parking lot that gets hit by drivers on a regular basis.

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