It may almost be May but there have been several avalanche warnings and avalanche advisories this weekend around Mt Washington. According to the Mt Washington Avalanche Center (yup, it's a real thing): "Recent new snow and steady NW wind is elevating the avalanche danger ratings today. Wind slab is likely to be easily triggered and is not bonded well to the soft new snow or the underlying ice crust. With over 16” of recorded snow on the summit since noon on Thursday, avalanches today could be large. Recent avalanche debris in Hillman’s and Dodge’s has been observed so far through the fog and blowing snow. These recent avalanches plus continued wind loading of slopes are obvious red flags for folks considering playing in or below steep terrain today."




It's beautiful but do heed all avalanche warnings today


"The avalanche danger rating and avalanche warning is not a belated April Fool’s prank nor is it related to 4/20 celebrations. "


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