Maybe you have cherished memories of of growing up and going ice fishing with your Dad. Or perhaps you're one of the faithful that gets out on the frozen lakes to catch a prize every year.

You also could be just like me. I'm one of those rarities that has never gone ice fishing. Watching this video has got me all pumped up to join in the fun of this longtime Maine winter tradition. I've got a feeling it'll do the same for you.

Jeremy Grant is a photographer and videographer from the Belfast area. Jeremy is on a mission to get us out and about in Maine and "discover something awesome." We featured his amazing video work here several times last year.


He has just posted his first video of 2020. In about 3 minutes, he brings all the excitement of good times with friends at the Sabattus Ice Fishing Derby. Seriously. This is like the quality of stuff we'd see on Nat Geo or Discovery Channel.  Well done once again, Jeremy!


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