According to Business Insider, you' be able to make your own Baby Yoda at Build-A-Bear sometime within the next few months.

In an uncharcteristic move, Disney didn't turn out any action figures or plushes of baby Yoda in an effort to keep the character a secret. It's sad times for fans of The Mandalorian on Disney Plus who want nothing more than to snuggle up with this big eyed, big eared cutie-pie. Most Baby Yoda merch is still only in the pre-order phases.

The Build-A-Bear shop in the Maine Mall is at a new location in the Macy's wing right by Eddie Bauer. I called them and asked what the ETA is on the most lovable new Star Wars character and I was told "early spring".  You can bet I'll be checking in to create our own Baby Yoda using all of the Build-A-Bear gift cards that my kids have accumulated over the years. Mark is the biggest fan of B.Y. in our house so it might come down to a game of Go Fish to determine who gets custody of the Baby Yoda stuffie.

I found lots of great facts about "The Child" at, including the fact that the character that we are all calling Baby Yoda is NOT Yoda. We will eventually learn his name, and it has been confirmed that he is a boy.

Etsy is selling an unofficial version of a Baby Yoda stuffie that Disney is trying to shut down. The plushes run from three to five hundred dollars and there is a 14 month waiting list. I really need to learn how to sew...

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