Hawaii was the first state to set a mandatory 14-day quarantine period, and they aren't messing around.

According to The Bangor Daily News, 38-year-old Sean Michael Simon from Bangor went to Hawaii for a vacation, but he was caught NOT doing the mandatory 14-day quarantine, had to spend a weekend in jail and then got a one-way ticket back to the mainland. Hawaii bought the ticket!

He pleaded guilty last week and then was immediately taken to the airport, the newspaper reported. He was arrested after the manager of a hotel in the Waikiki area reported that a guest was walking around without a mask, according to the BDN, and hotel video allegedly shows Sean leaving the hotel on two different days.

Sean allegedly admitted going to the beach and shopping several times every day during his stay, the newspaper stated. Hawaii's quarantine is strict and says that you cannot go outside except for medical emergencies.

How serious are they in Hawaii? The Maui Police Department puts up wanted posters of tourists suspected of violating the quarantine on its Facebook page to get the public's help in catching them, the BDN reported.

Can you even imagine if we did that in Maine?


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