While show-biz has rarely been the beacon of goodness and light, we can always count on our rock-based brethren to show us the path to insurgency.

File the following artists under "Real Deal". Oh, they could maybe behave properly when the situation called for it, but an inability (or sheer lack-of-will) to tame their inner rebelliousness had its consequences...

Chuck Berry: Before he became one of the founding fathers, Chuck did time for armed robbery. As his career was taking flight, so did the Chuckster; specifically, he took off and crossed the border to Mexico with an underage girl which led to a five-year sentence and he served 20 months in the hoosegow. The secret cameras he put in the ladies' room of his restaurant? A guilty plea led to a suspended sentence and two years probation.

Phil Spector: Ridiculous wigs and loaded guns in the studio were Flintsone vitamins to the legendary creator of The Wall Of Sound. In 2003 his escapades caught up with him and in the most brazen "My dog ate my homework"-style, he tried (quite unsuccessfully) to cover up his murder of actress Lana Clarkson. He is currently serving a 19-year sentence.

David Crosby: Of course, the notorious Rock and Roll Hall of Famer would never do time for his adventures in drug abuse. In fact, it would turn out to be something much more mundane. In 1982, a loaded gun was discovered in his car during a "routine" traffic stop in, where else, Texas. His excuse to the state trooper? John Lennon. Nine months in prison followed, minus the mustache.

Steve Earle served ninety days for heroin; Paul McCartney did 10 days in jail in Japan for marijuana; James Brown was incarcerated twice: for burglary in 1949, and in 1988 for a laundry list of recklessness including resisting arrest, illegal drugs, multiple traffic violations, etc. The Godfather of Soul spent three years in the pen.

Merle Haggard, Rick James, and Ike Turner all played the Iron Bar Blues, too. Look, it's okay to enjoy their craft, just not their lifestyle. That's what compartmentalizing is for.

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