The Duck of Justice rolls on for the beloved Bangor Police Department. This week's edition of their police report, The Duck Daily Sun (it's a weekly) features a wayward couch. We love these guys!


Bangor Police Department
Bangor Police Department
"Our featured photograph this week is a couch and chair that were discarded on Rt. 202 at the town line between Bangor and Hampden. I took the photo a few weeks ago and thought someone who reads this fine publication might have dropped it “by mistake.”   Maybe you sat on this when visiting their home on one occasion and would like to call them for us to let them know where they lost it (by mistake) in the middle of the road.
This is an example of poor furniture/load management and it should have been discarded (on purpose) at a local transfer facility. You know who you are and I hope your cheeks are flushed when you read this.
Pray your wife doesn’t see it. She thinks you took it to the dump. No wonder you got back early, in time for the ball game, sitting on your new furniture. You better hope she doesn’t find out you are even lazier than she thought your were. That is all. "


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