Look who is up to their up old tricks again. It's everyone's favorite community of cops (well, I guess not your favorite if you live a life of crime), the Bangor Police Department. The often-viral department has hit Facebook once again.

Bangor PD's own Lieutenant (and noted author) Tim Cotton decided to post the message to remind the masses of what's important...and something that Mainers are notoriously known to not do, use blinkers.

The Bangor PD have decided to bring more awareness to using the blinker. They even came up with the amazing slogan of  "Try using it. I mean, it's right there on the steering column." You can't make this stuff up, folks.

Hey, it's a good campaign. Mainers are absolutely horrendous about using blinkers. Out-of-state family and friends love to point it out when visiting. Even worse, I'm pretty sure I didn't use my blinker twice on the way to work today. It's a real epidemic in these parts.

I'm happy that the Bangor Police put this out. In all seriousness, it's a very important message that many Mainers need to be pay more attention to, including yours truly.

This is another wonderful, yet very informative post from Lt. Cotton and the Bangor Police Department. They continue to embrace new media and find ways to interact with the community for the better. This type of interaction is a great example of the forward-thinking leadership that the Bangor community should be very proud of.

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