The heroes at the Bangor Police Department bring us more joy than they will ever realize. Not just for the Duck of Justice. Or their award-winning "Got Warrants?" diatribes. But for their unrelenting passion of pointing out stupidity and injustice wherever and whenever they find it. You may have heard of a gift card phone scam that is making the rounds right now. The "officer" calls and says you have been missing jury duty and that you must buy gift cards from them so you don't get arrested. There are several various other scenarios but you get the drift. Con Artists. Gift Cards. Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, it seems plenty of people have been getting ripped off from these calls. So to make it incredibly clear for everyone, the amazing folks at the Bangor Police Department have written. .A Letter to America....

Dear America,

Please, for the love of everything that is holy, wholesome, holistic, hackneyed, and hagridden; stop agreeing to send gift cards, of any type, to anyone who asks to be paid in gift cards.

Our nation and her people have put men on the moon, remote controlled robots on Mars, saved Europe from Nazi domination, and made round the world travel by air a common occurrence.

What we can't do is find a guy named *Kevin* who works at the "IRS" and stop him from cashing four thousand three hundred dollars in iTunes cards which you sent him in order to save you from a lifetime in "Fedral Prison"- yes, that's how *Kevin* spelled it so let's not go down that road tonight.

Stop it.

Just stop it right now.

Lt. Tim Cotton
Bangor Police Department

Call us if you need us, we will be here and unable to make it better if you don't stop doing stuff like this.


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