According to News Center Maine the Maine Warden Service is now accepting applications. Hey, If you think the being a Maine Game Warden is just kicking around in the woods and checking kids for fishing licenses- you are wrong!

The Maine Warden Service has about a third of their workforce getting ready to retire and it's time to bring in some new blood to take over an important job here in Maine. You don't need to be a college grad, but you've got to be super smart, pass a background check, a physical and it would help to have experience hunting and fishing.

Game Wardens are actually law enforcement officers that; investigate hunting and shooting related incidents along with recreational vehicle crashes, lead search and rescue, collect data for the management of inland fisheries and wildlife resources and enforce laws pertaining to the registration of boats, ATVs and other recreational vehicles along with the general laws. Our Maine Wardens also educate the public and are involved in the community. They also pack heat.

Contact Maine Warden Service if you're interested in a truly challenging and rewarding career in Maine.

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