Operation Dry Water is on. According to News Center Maine, The Maine Marine Patrol along with Maine Game Wardens, are educating boaters about the dangers of boating under the influence. which is the number one cause of boating fatalities in Maine.

As locals as well as tourists take to the water, keep these things in mind and keep yourself and your passengers safe:

  • There must be a Coast Guard approved life jacket available for every person on your vessel.
  • Kids ten and under must wear a life vest at all times.
  • Open containers are allowed on boats, unlike in cars.
  • The legal limit for the water is the same as it is on land, .08.
  • If you do get bagged for B.O.I. your day is done, your vessel might get impounded, you might get arrested and face jail time and you also risk losing your driver's license as well as your privilege to boat

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