What Halloween will end up looking like this year, is on the minds of many parents. The traditional way of celebrating by trick or treating has certainly become highly questionable because of the pandemic.

So, of course we want the kids and everyone else to be safe this Halloween. However, going door to door in costume to collect the huge booty of candy just doesn't sound like a great thing to do.

I've got a strong feeling that the streets around my house will be noticeably quieter on the upcoming evening of October 31. It'll be a much different Halloween for kids in communities all over Maine.

Well, here comes our friends at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway on Holmes Road in Scarborough to the rescue. They came up with a great idea for kids to celebrate safely with their FREE 'Track 'n Treat' fest.

According to an announcement on Facebook, "Track 'n Treat" will happen "for the first time on Halloween afternoon." And remember this is Beechridge so there'll be plenty of cool race cars to see too. This year, the kids can have a blast going car to car instead house to house to "grab bags of safely quarantined, pre-packaged Halloween candies."

Here's everything you need to know before you go.

Thank you Beech Ridge for saving Halloween 2020 for lots of kids in Southern Maine. You're gonna make many smiles.

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