We saw this awesome, and somewhat disturbing, commercial this week for The Sausage Kitchen in Lisbon Falls. Now, of course the jingle is stuck in our head. Thanks Maurice! Mmmmm, mmmmmm.

Often, the best way to get a jingle or song out of your head is to try and get another one to take it's place. So, we thought of some other great Maine TV commercial jingles through history.

Here's an oldie but a goodie. You haven't heard this in a long time but you'll start signing it immediately.


It seems the size and shape of your brain is what makes you vulnerable to these "earworms.

This classic Foxwoods commercial is in our Top 10.for sure.

Maybe #1 All-Time Tied with Mardens is the Funtown/Splashtown jingle. Even 2-year olds know it!


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