Here's another installment of some of Maine's best vanity license plates, found through the King of Maine Vanity himself-Morgan at Vanity of Maine on Instagram. Well, the Celtics and Bruins are in the playoffs, the Red Sox are off to their best start in history and the Patriots have started their Spring sessions. We think it's a perfect time to bring you some of the best Maine vanity plates we've seen that celebrate our New England sports teams!


A Julian Edelman fan. Nice Pats sticka in the corner too!

When in doubt...Gronk It!

An awesome show of support for the Bruins goalie, Tuuka Rask.


And a follow up to the Tuuka plate. We bet there's a goalie in this household.

In keeping with the hockey theme here. A tribute to the Great One:

We can't forget College hockey and around here it's all about the Hockey East. You may want to fix that plate, bub.



Here are a few plates for all you Sox fans out there. The challenge with Sox vanity plates is that there are a lot of them, so it's thought to find one that isn't taken. These two are pretty creative:


Nice one!



Ooooo...the double XX. Extra points for this Soxx fan



And we can't forget NASCAR although I bet this one has some double meaning.

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