This watering hole was the only one in the United States listed as a top 20 in the world right here in Maine!

CNN recently did an article on the 20 best places to swim in the world. 19 of the destinations are international. They include fancy places like, France, Peru, Greece...

But there was only one destination in the entire United States and that one was in Maine.

It's right in Bethel and it's Frenchman's Hole (please hold all 'That's what she said' jokes).

Frenchman's Hole/Facebook

According to a Facebook page dedicated to the Frenchman's Hole, it is privately owned?

Landowners have graciously allowed the public to access this swimming hole for generations. Abuses of this place may cause the owners to question their generosity, PLEASE! make an effort to leave no trace of your visit

That's cool. The See Swim website detailed how to get to this gem.

Coming from the south on the Sunday River Road, the road will veer left to pass over two bridges.  After the bridges, take your first right. On Google maps this is called Bull Branch Road, but it might not be marked.  On this road you should see a small sign with a swimming icon that says,” .5 miles,” and a larger sign that says, “Mahoosic Public Land.”  Continue on until you see a small parking lot on the left.  Park and walk back down the road from the way you came, and you’ll see a couple of picnic tables, and then a line of rocks.  There is a stone staircase here going down to the upper pool of the waterfall.

What makes this swimming hole so amazing? Well, as they say a picture says a thousand words.

Frenchman's Hole./Facebook



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