Those creepy webs on branches might not much more than an ugly sight on tree to most folks. But the little furry beasts that live inside those webs can be a bad day for some people. They are Browntail Moth Caterpillars and there are people who may develop and allergic reaction if they come in contact with their tiny hairs.

According to the Maine Forest Service,

"Sensitive individuals who encounter the hairs may develop a skin rash similar to poison ivy and/or trouble breathing."

That's no bueno. I don't think I'm allergic to Browntail Moth Caterpillars. In fact, I remember letting them crawl the back of my hand when I was a kid in my Augusta backyard. But I'm no kid anymore, that's for sure.

And I hear you can develop allergies as you get older. So letting them crawl on me these days certainly isn't going to be on my early summer agenda. Rashes suck, we don't need 'em and nice deep breaths are awesome. Let's keep it that way.

Today we received word that there are Browntail Moth Caterpillars in Deering Oaks Park. This message isn't meant to keep people from visiting. It is just important the you are aware of the potential threat to you and your family's health.

The announcement was made this morning on the Portland Maine Parks, Recreation & Facilities Facebook page. The sign in Deering Oaks highlights 'Two Red Dots' to alert visitors about staying away from areas where they could encounter the poisonous hairs. Be safe out there my friends.

According to this informative short video from the Maine Forest Service, the best time to eliminate Browntail Moths Caterpillars is in late winter.

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