The castle at Deering Oaks Park is one of my favorite hidey holes in Portland. It looks so magical and has captured my imagination for years, but I've never seen the inside! I found these gorgeous photos to share with you. They aren't recent, but the owners of Tiqa restaurant will be opening a cafe very soon! The Castle was built in 1894 as a cozy warming place for skaters to have a hot cocoa and enjoy the huge fireplace inside. The Friends of Deering Oaks have done a beautiful job of restoring the building. These are pictures taken at a bake sale that was held there a couple years ago.

Look at the woodwork and stained glass! I want to live here! Seriously, I would live like Snow White in Deering Oaks Park! I would bring back the swans and plant milkweed to attract butterflies! I would also build a treehouse community in the park! I'm clapping my hands together with glee, how do we make this happen?!

Magical, magical! Is there a local spot that you would love to see inside? A Sea Captain's mansion? A lighthouse or an island home that you boat by? Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #getmein