Love makes us do dumb things, like run across a busy road for a hook-up in the woods. Deer are very determined when rutting season is in full swing, and it is right now.

According to WMTW, it is the peak of mating season for deer and they are dangerously unpredictable, lacking impulse control because they are overcome with lust. Their desire to mate sometimes results in the deer running across the road and colliding with cars.

New Hampshire Fish and Game officers have some advice:

  • Deer crossing signs are up year round but be especially cautious of them right now.
  • Deer will bound into the street both day and night.
  • Do not be distracted by cell phones, fussing with your radio, eating or anything else while driving.
  • Watching your speed can help your reaction time.
  • If you see a deer that has been hit, let authorities take care of it. Your good intentions could further panic the injured deer.
  • Wear your orange, deer hunting season is in full swing.

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