Move over Portland, cause there's a new nationwide star of Maine culinary excellence. It's Biddeford's time to shine.

That's according to Food and Wine Magazine, one of the nation's most respected culinary periodicals.

The magazine named Biddeford one of the 11 next great food cities in the entire country. This is quite the accomplishment for a town that has been doing quite a bit to revitalize its image and downtown district.

Food & Wine had this to say about Biddeford...

Think of Biddeford as Portland, Maine's quiet older sister with great taste—the one you ask for recommendations on nicely curated bottle shops and vintage clothing boutiques

This is tremendous publicity for Biddeford, a town that has gone through a significant transformation including making great use of the old, abandoned mills to attract both developers and business owners alike. This success has led to more and more local entrepreneurs finding their way to Biddeford.

The article mentions many restaurants by name, including the Palace Diner, Mangus on Water, Edla, Rabalais, and Jackrabbit Cafe.  These, along with many other spots like Foley's Bakery, helped put it on Food & Wine's radar.

Biddeford is joined an impressive list of cities in the article that includes Cincinnati, Charlotte, Boise, and Tucson. There are some smaller cities, but nothing close to how small Biddeford is. It makes this award even more impressive.

This publicity is not just impressive, but also crucially valuable. You would have to think that quite a few tourists will see this and make their way to Biddeford on their next vacation to Maine.

I truly feel great for Biddeford. This is a well-deserved honor for such a resilient town. The future is looking bright.

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