We like to call our state Vacationland to welcome tourists in with open arms as they enjoy our picturesque coastline, drink our incredible craft beer and sample our delicious food. But be warned, we take all of those things very seriously. So when Food & Wine took to social media to share a recipe for how to build a "Maine-style" lobster roll, they were greeted with some less than flattering replies on how dead wrong their recipe was.

If you took the the 90 seconds to check out that video, there's plenty to dissect. First off, cooking the lobster with rubber bands left on? Hard pass.

Most lobster rolls served across Maine definitely do not include chopped celery or cayenne pepper unless you really go out of your way to ask for it.

And while many native Mainers do enjoy mayo on their lobster roll, many classic lobster roll recipes in Maine include the lobster dredged in butter. Mmmm, delicious butter.

Maybe it's good that a well-known national publication has no idea how to make a classic Maine lobster roll. Let's keep it our secret and keep bringing all those people back to Vacationland every single summer.

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