At this point, it feels like Binga's Windham has some sort of secret laboratory of thinkers working on their next great sign at an undisclosed location. Can't be having that secret get out after all. And while there have been a slew of creative and cunning signs over the years at Binga's, their latest Valentine's Day sign dips into some new territory, the dark world of innuendo.

Shared on Facebook by Binga's Windham, if you're working with one of the most innocent minds that exists on Planet Earth, this sign reads as nothing special. Seems like it a reasonable suggestion as a gift for someone who doesn't enjoy candy. Perhaps her favorite variety of liquor would be a more fitting gift.

But to everyone else who reads that sign, and then rereads it with that evil little smirk on their face, they fully understand the innuendo. It stands to reason, if candy isn't going to put a huge smile on her face, Binga's has a very reasonable and totally acceptable alternate suggestion that could leave her breathless. Liquor.

You know what else this tells us? If there's really no rules on what you can put on vanity plates here in Maine, why are there rules on what you can put on your business sign? Why stop with innuendo Binga's? Let your freak flag fly.

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