34 years ago today, Rush kicked off the Power Windows Tour at the Civic Center. That's right. The first official night of their trek across North America in 1985 happened right here in Blimpville.

Power Windows was an album that found them sounding more like the Police or Genesis records of the era. only heavier (not a bad thing, really). Ahhh, the wicked synthy 80s.

It features the Blimp favorite, The Big Money.

This was the 3rd and final appearance of Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart in Portland, Maine. If we were to be able to sit in an empty quiet Civic Center, their extraordinary musicianship would still echo within those historic walls.


This was a concert to get there early for, no friggin' around in the parking garage. Opening the show was the underrated, phenomenal guitarist Steve Morse of Dixie Dregs fame, a stint in Kansas and these days, Deep Purple.

There's some pretty sweet mullets on Geddy and Alex. We think there's a rat-tail back there on Neil too. This video for the beautifully atmospheric Mystic Rhythms from Power Windows features some creepy-cool wooden puppets as well.


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