Being part of Blimp air staff for over 33 years has blessed me with the privilege of meeting many iconic figures in the world of rock music. I have to say, none have been more friendly and genuine than Graham Nash

The first time I met him was in March of 2000 at the Garden in Boston. This was when Crosby, Stills and Nash went on tour with Neil Young. They had just released their 3rd and final C.S.N.Y. album, Looking Forward.

Here's a cherished photo from backstage that night almost 21 years ago. I'm sure you recognize the guy on the left and that's my wife Sherry in the middle.

As if that wasn’t enough, I got to meet him again in August of 2004 right here in Portland. C.S.N. played a show at the Civic Center.

After the incredible concert, I was charged with the duty of walking David Crosby and Graham Nash from the backstage door across Monument Square to One City Center. This was for an appearance on a live broadcast of Rockline originating from the WBLM studios. It was hosted by the late, great Bob Coburn from a studio in Los Angeles.

Graham Nash also paid WBLM another visit on Record Store Day in 2016 before his appearance at BullMoose Music. 

Here he is revealing what song he wishes he'd written.

We count 12 live Maine performances from 1982 to 2017. Thanks for being so great Blimpville over the years, Graham.

Graham Nash has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice. The first time with Crosby Stills and Nash in 1997 and again with The Hollies in 2010.

He is a man of peace who has always stood up for social justice with his long history of activism. In addition to being a legendary songwriter with an angelic tenor voice, Graham is also an accomplished photographer.

Above all, he is a music legend who has remained a down to earth and very kind human being. Happy 79th Birthday today, to the great Graham Nash.

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