Everybody wants to be heard, even pets! A quarter of us are friends with somebody's pet on Facebook. I thought that listening to someone talk about themselves in third person was irritating, but this takes it to a whole new level! What would Seinfeld say about pet social media stars...? The new survey found that 17% of pet owners have created an account for their animal on social media. Unfortunately, the survey also found that over 10% of those pet owners had had a piece of technology destroyed by said pet. Power cords are the most frequently trashed. Of the people surveyed, 25% said they were using the device at the time of it's destruction!

Are you friends with an animal on social media? Do you have an account for your pet? If so, how successful is it? Share your findings on our Fan Page or tweet #snoopyonfb

I like to have face to face friendships with my animal friends. If they have a new litter of puppies on the way, I don't want to find out about it on Facebook.


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