This White Focaccia Pizza with Ricotta, Zucchini and a Red Leaf Lettuce Salad was delicious! It all began at the front door with my Blue Apron delivery. Nobody loves getting something in the mail more than me. It's like Christmas when I see that box on my porch! The kids barely let me get it through the door before they are tearing in to find out what culinary delights we will be whipping up for dinner.

Blue Apron Box

Within minutes I've read my recipe card, looked at the step by step pictures and I'm on my way to rinse the crunchy, fresh produce and prep for cooking.

dinner prep

Our meals come with everything except for olive oil, salt and pepper. Everything is so fresh and tasty. There's no waiting for meat to thaw, no running out to the store for a forgotten ingredient and no stressing over what's for dinner. I LOVE this!!! I'm learning to cook different things, my family is tasting different things and we have some new favorites!

My friend Adam and his girlfriend have been using Blue Apron for quite a while and they keep all of the recipes in a binder-how smart is that?! Blue Apron doesn't repeat a recipe during the year either. They keep our taste buds popping and our excitement about dinner high.

Find out why my family is loving the flexibility, variety and ease of Blue Apron by getting two meals FREE-with FREE SHIPPING! See what's on their menu. Go to for tw FREE meals with FREE SHIPPING, it's that easy!

Seriously, this Blue Apron thing rocks, try it for free.


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