I complain about Portland having high rent but we are lucky not to be on a list Boston, Massachusetts was recently put on.

Good Housekeeping released a list of the most expensive cities to live in right now and Boston came in hot.

The neighboring cities share a lot in common, both with rich histories, top-rated eateries, and charming architecture. Still, Portland doesn’t rank compared to larger cities like Chicago, Beijing, and Milan.

But Boston does…

The Most Expensive Cities to Live in

The Good Housekeeping article, “The 55 Most Expensive Cities to Live in Right Now” quoted a 2022 cost of living study by Mercer, which calculated the cost by comparing the prices of 200+ items in different categories like housing, transportation, domestic supplies, home services, personal care, alcohol, etc.

Some big names obviously made the list, including Paris, France; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and Los Angeles, California. Those came with no surprise but there are some curve balls.

Why is Boston, Massachusetts so Expensive to Live in?

Maine’s New England neighbor hit the list of most expensive places to live in 2022 at number 30 out of 55.

There are a few reasons for this, many not uncommon from Portland’s own housing issues. A major reason Boston’s rent is so high is because of the high demand for housing but lack of, well, housing. High demand + low options = A hurting wallet.

The influx of people to Boston could be attributed to all sorts of reasons; the city is charming, the Boston Commons is a lovely space within a bustling city; the public transportation is decent enough; the sports teams and stadiums are killer; there are a ton of universities and hospitals; no wonder there are so many people flocking over there.

Portland, Maine

Prices are continuously rising for us here in Maine and there are times when some options' prices are comparable to larger cities’ numbers but at least we aren’t landing on lists like this yet.

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