According to News Center Maine, a Bangor couple is leaving the color of their house up to strangers and neighbors who will vote on it.

Keith and Kristen Martin just love data, and they are gathering plenty of it by allowing people to vote for one of three colors that they've chosen. The neighbors are all having a blast with it, and the Martins look forward to checking out their ballot box at the end of the day, the news station reports.

According to the very trusting homeowners, there is one run-away color that's pulled 50% of the vote, but they're not saying what it is.

They did set some boundaries by giving folks three choices:

  • Rose Pine
  • Templeton Gray
  • Concord Ivory

They have used these three colors to paint their fence, along with the trim color. They've left a pen, paper and a voting jar by it so that passers by can just pull over and vote for their fave, according to News Center Maine.

There have been some write-ins too, for salmon and pink. A lot of the voters include smiley face and kind messages.


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