This Easter was not as bad as I was afraid that it was going to be. That might not sound completely positive, but I'm being honest. I didn't know what I was going to do about Easter baskets or Easter dinner. We would be missing grandparents and cousins and we seriously could use some fresh faces and some hugs. So I was feeling a bit down,.

We have only lived in our neighborhood for just over a year and it's filled with nice people who bring the school bus driver fresh muffins, roast coffee beans to share, invite us to Bikini Martini parties, and I just know that I could knock on many of their doors if I needed something. So we kinda hung out with some of them this Easter. Of course, not in the traditional way.

One of our neighbors reached out and asked if we wanted to participate in a different kind of Easter egg hunt for the kids this year. The idea was to make paper eggs and put them in our windows, then families could drive through the neighborhood finding them.

After making some pancakes we spent the early morning cutting and pasting our eggs. It was really fun but of course we only had blue painter's tape to hang them with. We had kind of a late 80's vibe going on with these eggs.

decorating paper eggs

Our 14-year-old even participated. Of course her egg is black. It was her Emo Easter, I guess. Having everyone create something was just what we needed though.

paper egg

Our little street is where everyone walks their dogs and pass through on daily walks and runs so we decided to use our sidewalk chalk to say hello and wish them a Happy Easter. We are daydreaming about the Martini Bikini Pool Party and missing the possibility of hanging out.

We Miss You

We left the chalk out so that others could leave messages and they did :)


Memere and Papa even dropped off baskets for the girls in the garage and left a note in chalk for us to discover. We couldn't really be with anyone, but we somehow still felt connected and that's how we're going to get through this with a smile. I hope that you found a connection today





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