As we get ready to mark the 40th Anniversary of Born to Run next Tuesday, what better way to honor that masterpiece album than to go see the world's greatest Bruce Springsteen tribute band? Bruce In The USA returns to Portland for a second time this year, tonight at Port City Music Hall. They wow an enthusiastic crowd of the Springsteen faithful every time and we are way pumped to have them back! And just like the band they're imitating, Bruce in the USA has been known to rock a powerful setlist that lasts over two hours. Mat Ryan the “Bruce” guy, bears a freakishly accurate resemblance to Springsteen. He is very similar to Bruce both in voice and mannerisms, right down to how Bruce raises his pickin’ hand.

Go see Bruce in the USA and you’ll say to yourself, “Holy moley! This is just like watching the real Bruce Springsteen.”


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