After a cook-out last week, the grown ups got creative and presented the kids with this gorgeous tart that we decorated with various edible insects from a company called Thailand Unique! Yummy! There was a Giant Water Bug, Canned Edible Tarantula, Mixed Edible Insects, Edible Silkworm Pupae, Edible Scorpions, Chocolate Covered Superworms and whipped cream to dip them in. At first there were no takers. After some discussion, the the kids broke the ice with the chocolate covered worms, my dad had a cricket, I had a couple fried silkworm pupae and a tarantula leg, Mark ate a beetle, scorpion and a dragonfly, and then things got interesting. Sabelle cleaned off daddy's nightstand to put up some bet money and see if she could get some action going. She laid out some Japanese yen and a fiver and then chose the biggest, most revolting bug on the pie-the Giant Water Bug. My enterprising offspring then double dog dared the room to chew and swallow a big bite of the gargantuan bug!

bet money

Daddy wanted his money back and her cousin, Gavin, wanted bragging rights.

Here is photographic evidence that Gavin is the most adventurous eater of the cousins! Unfortunately, they guys couldn't quite break the Giant Water Bug down enough to swallow. I think the mistake made was chomping on the huge wings! In some countries these huge bugs are used as an important source of protein, but they are usually ground down and added to sauces. Crickets and larvae are fried and salted and are a common snack.

What is the grossest thing that you have eaten on a bet? Would you try eating edible bugs? Comment on our fan Page or tweet #wingsinmyteeth

This exotic tasting was a riot, but I'll stick to my salt and vinegar chips.