Entertainment in Portland, Maine

There’s a reason I work in media and radio; I love entertainment. My grandmother was my best friend growing up and she brought me to all sorts of shows, from circuses to dance performances, plays at Merrill Auditorium, and concerts at our local Portland venues. Hand me a program, dim the lights, and I will genuinely enjoy whatever performance presents itself in front of me.

I simply love being entertained and I can give you my attention for an indefinite amount of time. I also love outdoor sports, nature and adventure, and watching videos of people do things I could never even dream of doing. I'm talking like, extreme action videos of people doing crazy stuff that seems impossible.

Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour at State Theatre

Every year, the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival makes a two-night stop at the State Theatre here in Portland to showcase epic, award-winning, unbelievable adventure films of badass people doing badass things.

As their website shares, this is the largest adventure film tour on the planet and after years of my personal viewing, I understand why these films need to be shared around the world.

To get a better idea of what I'm talking about, you can check out this montage of what types of films are presented:

They are always filled with deeper meanings than just someone jumping a 100-foot waterfall with a kayak and the films for the 2022-2023 year were just as empowering as they were entertaining.

Progressive Portland, Maine

I was blown away and just sat there looking around the gorgeous theatre thinking about how grateful I am for life. It seems dramatic, but it was just one of those moments you’re thankful to be experiencing. The cinematography in every video was outstanding and intoxicating, you couldn’t look away from the screen if you wanted to.

But, the films weren't the only things that touched my heart.

A lot of the videos had empowering moments and lessons and every single time there was an iconic line or moment, the theatre erupted in snapping, clapping, whistles, and shouts.

Every single time there was a stance on women's rights and empowerment or breaking stereotypes, almost every person in the theatre reacted positively, collectively.

It was a remarkable moment to be a part of, to be surrounded by so many progressive people who believe in the same inclusive future you do. It's even more remarkable to experience that in your own city.

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