In one of the strangest publicity stunts of all time, well-known restaurant franchise IHOP (international house of pancakes) changed their name to IHOb earlier this week. They did so to bring attention to their new line of burgers and will change their name back to IHOP in a few months. But that name change, and all the free attention IHOP has gotten from it, gave a local company an idea. Why don't we try out a name change.

Bull Moose has been a Maine institution for decades but took to social media this morning to try out a fresh name...Pull Moose. Why? Who knows. Even the company has no idea whatsoever their new name is supposed to mean. They've been asking for suggestions on Twitter and the results have been...interesting.

At least the name change has brought some attention to the store's new line of used CDs covered in ketchup and mustard. It's likely to be a hot selling item this summer.

No word yet on when (or IF) Pull Moose will return their company name to Bull Moose. But don't worry, they're still selling music, movies, games and anything covered in maple syrup.


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